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The Magic of Matcha


Just one cup of matcha is equal to drinking ten cups of brewed green tea, meaning our body benefits from 137 times the antioxidants. This impressive blend of antioxidants helps to enhance our immune system, helping to fight disease and infection while promoting healthy bones, heart health and brain health to name but a few.


If you're seeking an extra burst of energy when you wake up or looking to rejuvenate in the afternoon, a cup of matcha tea is the ultimate companion. This nutritious powder features a high concentration of L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps increase our clarity and focus. Uniquely different to other sources of caffeine, its gentle release of energy maintains our mood so we benefit without later experiencing a crash. In turn, matcha is kinder to our sleep cycle too.

Glow from the inside out

Drinking matcha tea is a natural way to give your skin a radiant glow from the inside out. The level of Chlorophyll found in matcha is 5x that of a regular cup of green tea and it's these levels that help enhance skin health by reducing inflammation.

The Queen of Green Teas

Matcha: From Plant to Powder

Japanese Roots

Casa Cura Organic Matcha is ethically sourced and grown in the finest conditions at family-owned farms in a region of Japan called Uji, known for its matcha cultivation for over 800 years. Uji is renowned for its fertile soil and pure waters, creating excellent conditions for growing tea. The climate is also conducive to making exceptional tea as it rains often and regular fog protects the delicate tea leaves from frost.

Ceremonial grade

Ceremonial grade distinction doesn’t have an official definition by a certifying body, however, for us, it defines our matcha as being consciously made from the finest, smallest shade-grown leaves from the tea plant, before steaming, drying and grinding the leaf with a granite stone to make our matcha powder.

Purely organic

We’re proud to have Certified EU Organic credentials - this means our matcha has undergone rigorous checks to show our matcha is grown on land free of pesticides and chemicals.


Our matcha is harvested and cultivated with care in small batches for optimum freshness. The most superior matcha is made using tea leaves from the first harvest; this takes place in the spring when the highest quality green tea in Japan grows. It’s this first harvest of tea leaves that gives Casa Cura Organic Matcha its vivid lush green hue.

Sensory joy

Authentically crafted by milling tea leaves with a granite stone, this traditional method of grinding the tea leaves to make our matcha powder takes up to one hour to produce the 30 grams found in a Casa Cura tin. Producing an ultra-fine texture that’s decadently smooth, with a rich aroma and a mellow and naturally sweet taste - our organic matcha is made for the senses.

Benefits of Matcha

Matcha: From Plant to Vibrant Tea

1. Planting the seeds for matcha

Farmers in Japan grow the tea trees that are used to make matcha. It takes four to five years for them to grow into full tea trees, which is substantially longer than other tea trees.
Casa Cura Matcha Process

2. Nurturing matcha to bloom

Once the tea trees have grown to a certain size, they are pruned and fertilized from fall to mid spring when they begin to grow new tea leaves.
Casa Cura Matcha Process

3. Dark magic

The bloomed tea leaves are then shaded from the light for 25-40 days under awnings called tana. It’s this shading process that compounds the nutrients in the tea leaves and makes matcha naturally sweet, rather than bitter.
Casa Cura Matcha Process

4. Choosing the best

The leaves are then steamed, cooled, and dried, all of which contributes to an enhancement in the flavor. Then the leaves are handpicked to ensure that only the desirable parts of the leaf are used to make fine matcha.
Casa Cura Matcha Process

5. Granite stone milled to make matcha

The final tea leaves, called tencha, are then grinded by a traditional granite stone mill, which turns the tencha into matcha.
Casa Cura Matcha Process

6. Small batch

The fine matcha tea powder is then sorted into small batches to ensure peak freshness.

The Magic of Matcha

From plant to powder, matcha is brimming with health benefits. 

A blissful source of energy, matcha’s magnetism transcends beyond the taste and nourishing natural rewards by encouraging you to pause and embrace the artful daily ritual of preparing matcha. The essence of its magic stems from its innate ability to create a moment of clarity and bring an oasis of calm to your everyday.

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