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About Casa Cura

Our Story

Welcome to your home for vibrant healing.

Rooted in the beliefs of making fewer, more conscious choices, Casa Cura is a wellness brand celebrating the magic of matcha and creating a sanctuary for on-the-go women seeking to find intention and meaning.

About Casa Cura

Nadia Rawjee Founder

our Founder

Nadia Rawjee

Nadia began Casa Cura with a vision to share the magic of matcha with the world. 

Her adoration for the finest matcha began in 2015 after not only noticing the benefits to her own health but also the importance of incorporating a ritual into her morning routine. 

Captivated by the philosophies of Eastern medicine and her own experiences, she felt compelled to continue learning, leading her to train as a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

After receiving her MBA from the London Business School, Nadia was determined to utilize this in a way that meant she could also share the teachings of mindful vibrant living with a new generation of women. Passionate about empowering others to make small but significant changes like drinking matcha, Casa Cura was founded in 2020.

‘In a world where I felt I was always on-the-go rushing from one place to the next, I appreciated taking a few mindful moments to myself in the morning while making matcha and enjoying that precious calm. Those few moments of sipping matcha before I begin my day allow me to stay more grounded and rooted within myself to make better decisions that align with my purpose.’

Our Ethos

Vibrant Healing

At Casa Cura, vibrant healing forms the soul of everything we do. We believe that healing should be a path to connecting with your true higher self; a vibrant, uplifting journey and joyful experience channelling pure intention.

Of Spanish origin, our name loosely translates in English to ‘House of Healing’, symbolising our philosophy and embodying the different threads to our brand - health, happiness, intention, matcha and mindfulness.

Our Matcha

Nature's Gift

We believe all good things begin simply with good choices. Choosing the highest quality matcha is an effortless way to add vibrancy to your life. Brimming with health benefits, matcha is a blissful source of energy and the beauty of a cup transcends beyond the taste and nourishing natural rewards.

Casa Cura Organic Matcha is consciously made from ceremonial grade, ethically sourced tea leaves found in the birthplace of modern matcha, Uji, Japan. Produced in small batches for optimum freshness, this is matcha for the senses and true matcha connoisseurs.


To Each Their Own

We are committed to the notion that each path to healing holds personal meaning; a unique set of thoughts and beliefs shape our own direction and relationships with health and mindfulness. Pursue your journey alongside our Casa Cura community and share in the joy as you discover your new direction. 

Dedicated to sharing inspiration and information to enhance your own personal journey, we exist to support our community with carefully curated content, from natural remedies and recipes to resources and stories that advocate and contribute to true vibrant living.