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What to know when choosing matcha

You might be confused when looking to buy a matcha because you hear things like 'ceremonial grade' and 'first flush' matcha and have no idea how that distinguishes matchas. We're here to tell you everything you need to know about choosing a high quality matcha. 

Ceremonial grade

Boasting its name from traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, where this type of tea originated, ceremonial grade matcha typically has a smoother and sweeter taste than culinary grade matcha because it is made using the youngest leaves on the tea tree. Since there is no certifying body that deems matcha ceremonial grade, the best way to know if it is ceremonial grade is by looking for a vibrant green colored matcha as opposed to a dull green. 


When matcha is organic it means it is pesticide free. The soil has not been genetically modified. Casa Cura matcha is EU Organic certified meaning it is made naturally, as the earth wanted it to grow. 

First Flush

First flush means the tea leaves were picked during the spring harvest, also known as the 'first flush'. It is believed that the matcha picked during the first flush is the best crop of the year. 


The best matcha today comes from Japan. Casa Cura matcha is sourced in Uji, Japan, where the climate is ideal for cultivating tea. Matchas made elsewhere usually don't have the same flavor profile as those made in Japan. 

When buying a matcha the indicators of a high quality matcha are: 

  1. vibrant green color
  2. easy to froth -- using a bamboo whisk, matcha with hot water should froth in a few seconds
  3. robust flavor profile that is not too bitter 

At Casa Cura, we only offer one matcha. Our matcha is the best we could find on the market. It's organic, ceremonial grade, and ethically sourced from family-owned tea farms in Uji, Japan.