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Matcha Mindfulness

Everything you need to know to make your cup of matcha a treasured daily ritual

What is a Morning Mindfulness Practice?

Why Make Matcha a Part of Your Morning Mindfulness Practice?

Casa Cura Why Us

Source of Energy

Matcha is a blissful source of energy that has traditionally been drunk by Buddhist  monks before long days of meditation.
Casa Cura Why Us

A Focused Mind

Matcha is a powerful source of L-Theanine, an amino acid, which combined with the natural caffeine in matcha offers a gentle boost of energy for clarity without the crash - the ultimate companion for a focused mind and calm state of being.
Casa Cura Why Us

Slow Down

Matcha not only has a wealth of health benefits, this vivid green powder also encourages you to pause and embrace the artful daily ritual of preparing it.

The Casa Cura Morning Mindfulness Practice

To Begin

Open your matcha tin and take a moment to awaken your senses
Notice the vibrant hue and powdery soft texture of your matcha
Enjoy the herbal aroma as you gently shift your mind into the present moment

your Matcha

Take a
deep breath.
Gently sift 1/2 tsp of matcha using a tea strainer before adding a small amount of hot water
Whisk the matcha and hot water in an ‘M’ like motion until frothy, then add more water to make tea or milk of choice for a latte

To End

Smile within.
Take a mindful first sip by tuning into your five senses of taste, sound, smell, touch, and sight
There is only you and your perfect matcha in this moment
Imagine the feeling you hope to feel throughout this day and with your last sip set an intention to actualize it

Our Casa Cura Community

Casa Cura founder and certified health coach, Nadia Rawjee, is a firm believer in the power of a morning mindfulness practice. As an ambitious woman on-the-go, she finds she can take on the busiest of days if she’s operating from her most vibrant self, which she finds is easiest to tune into after having had her morning mindfulness practice centred around the ritual of matcha-making.

In sharing this practice with you, her hope is that you too will be able to connect to your authentic true self and live in alignment in mind, body, and spirit. Pursue your journey alongside our Casa Cura community and share in the joy as you discover your new direction.