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Casa Cura Organic Matcha
Casa Cura Organic Matcha
Casa Cura Organic Matcha
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Casa Cura Organic Matcha

Ceremonial grade & ethically sourced
We offer free shipping on all orders within the UK.

Introducing Casa Cura Organic Matcha. Consciously made from the highest grade green tea leaves, ethically sourced and harvested in the birthplace of modern matcha, Uji, Japan, our small-batch 100% pure matcha powder promises optimum freshness to deliver the utmost vibrancy to your health. 

Authentically crafted by milling tea leaves with a granite stone, this traditional method gives our vibrant matcha an ultra-fine texture that’s decadently smooth, mellow and naturally sweet - a true joy to taste. 

Brimming with antioxidants and a natural anti-inflammatory too, matcha promotes a wealth of health benefits to strengthen your immune system. Its slow-release energy makes a cup of matcha a healthier, favoured switch from other caffeinated drinks. 

Ready to make matcha part of your own mindful daily ritual? Discover our Matcha Mindfulness guide here.  

Why you’ll love Casa Cura Organic Matcha

  • Energy
  • L-Theanine supports optimal focus and clarity to bring a gentle boost of energy

  • Radiance
  • Chlorophyll enhances skin health so you glow from the inside out

  • Healing
  • A high number of antioxidants give matcha superfood status

    Matcha Details

    • Certified EU Organic
    • Ceremonial grade
    • 1 tin of 30g = 30 servings
    • Sourced in Uji, Japan
    • Naturally sweet and smooth
    • Free-from additives and preservatives
    Ready to make matcha part of your own mindful daily ritual? Discover more about Matcha Mindfulness here.  

    Our Guarantee

    30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our product we will send you a return label for you to send back the product and offer a full refund.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Jessica Bellehewe
    No. 1 Matcha

    This is the best matcha I’ve ever had, at home or in a cafe! It’s so smooth and the colour is just wow 🤩


    Love the matcha, you can tell that it's really good quality! My only feedback is that I'd love if the matcha was just loose inside the tin (it could have a ring pull), rather than a plastic bag inside a tin. It's impossible to get all the matcha out of the bag without losing/spilling some. It tastes amazing, so it's a shame to waste any!


    This matcha is delicious. Such a smooth and sweet taste and makes for a really joyful moment.

    Ana Carolina Ramos
    Best product and customer support ever!

    I've tried many different brands of matcha for years and nothing compares to Casa Cura. Besides the richest taste and delicious smell of this matcha, their customer service is impeccable.
    After having their matcha subscription in the UK, I moved away and had a problem with customs for an order placed to Portugal. Nadia was so kind to swiftly solve the issue and in no time I had my favourite matcha again in my daily routine. Support small businesses, people!
    Couldn't recommend this matcha enough <3

    Monica W
    World’s Best Matcha

    I have tried many matchas and Casa Cura is by and large the best. The vibrant colour and smell is top tier, it froths beautifully, and has a perfectly sweet but balanced taste. On top of an amazing product, I have experienced outstanding customer service; Nadia is so personable and genuinely cares for her customers. I love that I can support a small woman-owned business through such an amazing product. This matcha helped me quit coffee and sustain a healthy habit that I genuinely enjoy. Life-changing!

    The Magic of Matcha


    Just one cup of matcha is equal in nutrients to drinking 10 cups of brewed green tea, meaning our body benefits from 137x the antioxidants. This impressive blend of antioxidants helps to enhance our immune system, helping to fight disease and infection while  promoting healthy bones, heart health and brain health to name but a few.


    If you’re seeking an extra burst of energy when you wake up or looking to rejuvenate in the afternoon, a cup of matcha tea is the ultimate companion. This nutritious powder features a high concentration of L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps increase our clarity and focus. Uniquely different to other sources of caffeine, its gentle release of energy lifts our mood so we benefit without later experiencing a crash. In turn, matcha is kinder to our sleep cycle too.

    Glow from the inside out

    Drinking matcha tea is a natural way to give your skin a radiant glow from the inside out. The level of Chlorophyll found in matcha is 5x that of a regular cup of green tea and it's these levels that help enhance skin health by reducing inflammation.